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25 July 2010

If that's all was needed to get fresh coats of Zaino and a thorough interior and engine cleaning, sign me up for the next dozen long-distance trips out of town. I'm so clean, I could squeak...but I won't because that would be undignified and best left for lesser vehicles.

I 'm beginning to worry about that other car in the garage, the one sitting over there -->, the "daily driver" which says so much in so little words, doesn't it? It's not expected to be clean, shouldn't be expected to be clean, and yet, I think I can see my reflection in it's side, almost as if it was shiny.

How is that possible? Why is that possible??

Or perhaps more importantly, now that I can see it, a little more polish work is needed on my lower driver's side door. Chop, chop, owner. THAT one can't be prettier than I.

12 July 2010

I've gotten so much attention lately, it's obscene. Obscene as in the prostitute is actually pretty and has all her teeth. Most of that attention occurred on the trip to and from Northern Cal-i-for-nia over the weekend which in reality I only received a fifth of. Or was it merely a sixth helping? So many miles, so many pretty cars, it was hard to keep track.

The trip, it was blistering! And I'm not just talking about the weather...but now that it's been mentioned, 109 degrees? Really? 109?? I was certain my paint was going to melt off and leave black puddles wherever we went, particularly up one nasty steep hill. Except for that brief cool spell between Coos Bay and the Redwoods (in which a special triple-digit run, the third within separate National Park areas no less, was had), we were pretty much baked.

On the cool Oregon coast, off Highway 101.
  Highway 101 July 2010.  

Thanks go out to all drivers on 1-5 both in Washington State and California for paying attention, graciously pulling over and letting our group by, mostly intact. Oregon 1-5 and Oregon Highway 101 drivers, you could and should take note. It's not all about us, but it ain't all about you either.

Home now, having taken over seven hours to cool down both inside and out. I'm incredibly dirty. My engine is gritty. My oil is black. My wheels look painted gray (not that that's a bad thing, I hear). It was worth it, all of it, and the memories will keep me warm throughout next winter's frosty grasp when I'll be clean again, tucked away and California dreaming.

2 July 2010

Let me get this out of the way right now so many of you can recover from your disappointment of not hearing anything for a while: I was driven three times in the past week, once on a long trip to the beach. Not only that, my fluids, all of them, were checked and refilled where needed, my tire sensor was fixed (how the hell did that suddenly happen so fast??), a new cable was run within and a nice, fat antennae mounted on my backside (because size does matter), and today, I got a new battery. Even my DIC options were reset. It was all I could do to squelch honks of delight.

Sadly, no supercharger was installed.

But, there's talk of a drive at oh-dark-stupid-thirty in the morning to go to a show. A show? Really? It's been so long, remind me again, what's a show?

And then the talk meandered into an upcoming trip next week. To Cal-i-for-nia. Me in California. Either I was stolen and am dreaming while riding in the belly of a tanker to Argentina or, WTF? California?

13 May 2010

Jeesh, will it Ever.Stop.Raining?

*whisper whisper*

Oh, it has? Why doesn't anyone tell me these things?

Lots of activity around in the garage lately. Cabinets organized, floor cleaned and some kind of squeezy, plastic film stretched over my nose that isn't flattering in the least. Not complaining, not complaining. My driver says it's a 'test' for something to come. Do I sense a drive in my future?

18 February 2010

Scary times afoot here as the humans here deal with an upcoming job loss in lieu of accepting an immediate relocation to Boise. As I understand it, too much would have been lost to accommodate the move, including yours truly. Whew! For the time being, dodged a bullet. In six months, I might be whistling a different tune.

Feels like spring weather outside these four garage walls. Sounds like too much uncertainty to go out for a run though. I can wait a while longer.

29 January 2010

Not a whole lot going on. It's cold out there and wet from what I can tell half-snuggled under my blankie. Felt fortunate to make a run to Portland for a car club meeting a couple of weeks ago, not that anyone noticed 'cept the shady character wandering around in the parking lot looking for unlocked cars. And people wonder why my owner is so durned paranoid...

Spring and warm weather's coming. Why, I think it's high time for another dozen coats of Zaino!


27 August 2009

Hey, lookie! I've got email!

Bucky 441 asked: On your Garage Cam, sometimes I see a wire or cord coming out of a cabinet next to the 'vette. Is this something connected to the car, or are you just another sloppy garage keeper? No offense.

    Thanks for asking, Bucky 441. No offense taken. No one's yet accused my owner of being sloppy in the garage even though it's been a LONG time since polished parts of my undercarriage has been touched up *ahem. Most likely what you see is the cord from my Battery Tender keeping myself raring to go at a moment's notice. Next time my owner and I are intimate, I'll mention that perhaps having an electrical outlet installed outside of the cabinet would look better online.

Tthomas2015 writes: A garage cam. Unique, but pray tell, does the car ever move? What's the point? Convience(sp?) me it's not an expensive paperweight.

    Tthomas2015, where were you yesterday afternoon when I was galavanting all over the eastern part of the county? Or last weekend when I was out wooing young admirers with my flamed bad self? Holding down papers of your own, I'll bet.

CWigglesworth asks: How many miles are on it this week?

    Ah, Wigglesworth, you ask that same question every month without fail. I think you secretly wait for my odometer to reach a milestone only you will celebrate. My answer: I'm giddy about still being under 20K.

BrennaZZZ wonders aloud: While the world still talks about the question -- Boxers or Briefs, I wonder -- Towels or Diapers?

    I'll be blunt, BrennaZZZ, and say, neither. High quality Micro-Fibers are the only way to go, especially if you've got dark paint. Keep those tags and sewn edges tucked and folded under and out of the way while wiping. Makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for asking!

Got questions? Send them here.

14 August 2009

Ahhh. My old black brake fluid is no more. My lines run clear again. That pretty much does it for most of my internal fluids but knowing me, I'll start itching for another oil change next spring. It'll be fun. All the cool cars will be doing it then too.

And if I'm really lucky, my owner will remember to reset the oil life setting next time around. Tsk, tsk. Can't remember everything, I guess. Just as long as the most important part isn't forgotten, you won't hear me complaining. Literally.

As an added bonus, I've got brighter night vision! Let's hear it for actually being able to see on these dimly lit roads. One of GM's shortcomings was the stock headlight bulbs in my model year. Well, that and not enough horsepower. *snort!

I think my owner was so jazzed over those couple of accomplishments, half my black-out lens were removed, cleaned and re-installed. Finally, a much better fit.

And my engine compartment is back to being clean enough to eat off of, this after a rather dusty month of July driving. Still no new polish elsewhere but there's no rush. 2012 is a ways off. I'll just sit here and wait, plan, and hope to be able to compete adequately with that year's soon-to-be released C7 models. What a hoot that ought to be.

19 July 2009

Hooray for the return of the Garage Cam. Now I can pose and preen online 24/7 again.

What's the world coming to? I've had a major engine detail, I've been out of the garage twice last month, and three times this week alone. Someone's been antsy to drive fast and low to the ground, I think. It's been great! Not to complain but it'll even be better once my brake fluid gets changed. Black's a fine color. Just not for brake fluid.

Finally passed my eighteen thousand mile mark last Wednesday evening. I heard snickering when that was mentioned. My driver can't explain the low mileage thing well enough to make sense, but then again, such things don't make sense in the first place to most people. My driver probably ought to keep that kind of information to oneself.

19 February 2009

It's been a lovely couple of weeks here in the garage. Funny how sheltered I've become. I'm not just talking about the shelter over my shiny head. I went out for a spin the other day. It was warm. For my driver, I ran like a dream. On a short freeway blast, two separate thumbs-up signs were flashed in my direction. Yeah, I've still got it. Or so I thought.

Once off onto a main street, reality set in and I was spat upon at a stoplight by a young couple whose worn and tattered-looking Honda was most likely the finest automobile they'd ever own. Some fingers were waved. No thumbs were used.

Back in the garage, I was wiped, cleaned, and later, recloaked in my soft car cover. It's quiet here and safe and I see that the Garage Cam* has been disabled. Once I despised sitting here, wasting away, removed from the exciting life I loved. But now I reflect on a time past when cars meant more than just a means of getting from point A to point B. I'm dreaming of the return of that era. Once upon a time, I drove the roads. Once upon a time, I was king.

*GARAGE CAM NOTICE: To reduce electicity usage, the Garage Cam was taken offline temporarily in February 2009. It'll return once the financial crisis has passed.


2 December 2008

I'll admit it took a while to get over that other car getting all the attention there for a weekend but it's all good now.

Last month . . .

(wait for it . . .)

I had my oil changed.


Only took two and a half years. I feel hundreds of percent better. In fact, if I were to get a coat or two of polish slathered on here and there, I might be willing to forgive all . . .

29 September 2008

That car came back, all dirty and bug-laden, smelling like hot brake dust....wait a minute! That car was racing!

26 September 2008

Today's been an interesting day in the garage.

That other car had it's oil and brake fluid checked, tires checked and inflated properly, and air box blown out. The trunk has been emptied and everything removed from behind the seats. Windows have been washed inside and out. Basically, the car is being fussed over. That car is never fussed over. Maybe it's owners have decided to trade it in. Maybe it's going away, never to return. Something's definitely afoot and I'm not sure I like it.

6 September 2008

It's been painfully dull and quiet here for the past year. I think I was started half a dozen times, driven twice, polished once since last year. Is it 2012 yet? I'm promised at least once a month that'll be the year I'll return to some semblance of what I was built for - driving, looking flashy, evoking drool from men stuck behind the wheels of mini vans. . .

I hate sitting here. Hate it. But at least I'm clean. That car next to me? *shudder*

Still waiting for an oil change, still waiting for a new tire pressure sensor. The oil change ought to be coming along this year (again, I've been promised). The tire sensor has been put on hold again. Don't ask. Maybe the purchase of that National Corvette Museum lifetime membership had something to do with it? Okay, tax deductible money well spent but next year, can I buy a little attention over here?


26 July 2007

I got to go out yesterday and so, I behaved admirably. My flaky tire pressure sensor didn't act up once and although my valves might have sounded a little louder than normal upon startup, I ran like a charm. So good to get out and run. But did it have to be during rush hour traffic? No, I promised myself not to complain. Later I sat in a grassy field with others of my kind while humans wandered around, pointed and moved on. And now I'm badly in need of a wash but my owner says I'll finally be going for that long-overdue oil change in the next week or two and what's the point in a wash when the 50 mile round trip will only splatter me with bugs?

Still not complaining. I mean, how can I when I now get to sit in a garage that looks like this?

The new garage flooring makes me feel downright special.
  Garage Floor Tile w/car.  

11 June 2007

Not much summer weather going on around here yet and you know what that means. Yep, I'm confined to the garage still.

Can't really blame my owner though. America's Tire is giving us all kinds of grief in trying to get the correct tire pressure sensor in stock and wanting to fix it. And the dealership I came from is officially off the list of places to go for oil changes. This makes me very. very happy. Those people made me nervous and they were shafting my owner anyway. But the fact remains that I need my oil changed, badly. Although I haven't been driven much at all, it's been two years! Surely there's some place out there worth trying out? I can't think of anything sadder than a show car with dirty oil, can you?

Don't answer that.

9 May 2007

Happy Birthday to me! Five years ago today I was born. My owner has been lavishing attention on me all this week and I have to say, I didn't realize how much I missed the weekly polishings. I'm not bad looking for five years old. Maybe my owner has a point with all this staying-garaged thing after all.

Naw. . .

30 April 2007

It was a lovely weekend, all weekend. I was hoping my owner would take me out for a spin. I know others like me were out. I even saw a couple drive down the street!

But no, I was stuck inside, hooked up to the battery charger, all dressed up with no place to go.

Today was another day completely. Out! I got out of the garage and out for a nice long drive. How I miss the days when we drove north like bats out of Hell. It has been too long and I've sat too long.

And so, one of my tire sensors gave up the ghost and caused a little concern. I have to hand it to my driver who barely batted an eye, hit Reset, checked the pressure readings and turned around to head home. We stopped at America's Tire on the way back and my driver ordered me a new sensor.

Of course, they didn't have one in stock and so, it's back into the garage until it arrives and then a wait for more dry, sunny weather to have it installed.

18 April 2007

Rain, rain, rain. It's still cold and raining here and you know how my driver feels about that. I think something's up though because the other day, an inventory of the polish up in the cabinet just to the right of me was taken. I did get a nice, soothing wipe down last weekend when my cover was off and my tire pressure was taken but nothing more came of it.

5 February 2007

The Battery Tender is working great! I feel so refreshed and raring to go. My owner took me out the other day . . . to the end of the driveway and back into the garage. It's a very short driveway. *sigh*

"Just as well," my owner said. "Nothing but rain forecast for the next two weeks and the car needs an oil change."

I can't handle all this garaging! Do you think they would notice if I started myself up and took a spin or two around the block?

17 January 2007

Finally! My owner finally hooked up my Christmas present and not a moment too soon. My battery was this close >< to dead yesterday. Now I'm all charged up and raring to go. Too bad there's half a foot of snow just on the other side of the garage door. *Sigh*


15 December 2006

I'm lucky to be tucked in the garage under my cover, my owner says. Well, we'll just see about that. How about a nice 'Service Column Lock' message or two popping up on the DIC the next time I get started.

What, you say? Never had one before? Ever? And you believed those morons at the dealership that said I was the only year immune? Doesn't look like I'll be driven anytime soon now. I'm grounded. Serves my owner right for keeping me all clean and pretty.

Of course it could be because my battery keeps getting low but let's not tell anyone that, okay? I need the attention.

25 November 2006

The weather outside has been frightful. As you might be able to see on the garage cam, I'm snuggled under my soft warm cover for the winter. My owner recently bought me a white board for company upon which my last startup date is jotted down in the hopes that my battery doesn't go too long without recharging. Why nobody doesn't go out and buy one of those battery chargers I'll never understand. Maybe a few more embarrassing calls to road assistance will do the trick.

2 October 2006

Ah, fall trips through the Columbia River Gorge. We were a bit early for autumn leaf color but the winding roads makes for a fun run. I wasn't too happy to find road construction in several spots on the old Columbia Gorge highway; a few of the larger rocks tickled my low belly as my owner crept slowly over the dug out dirt and gravel roadway but at least that kept the traffic down. Now I need yet another bath. I could get re-used to this.

14 September 2006

Autumn seems to be rapidly approaching. While our area needs the rain and just that has been promised for the next day or two, I don't think my owner is going to take me out anytime soon. This morning, a fine drizzle was falling as the garage door was opened to get rid of that other car and my behind got a bit misty. Might as well drive me now on the damp streets, I say. I'm going to need a washing anyway before being put away for the winter!

30 August 2006

Relief at last! A long sudsy bath, a gentle wipe down, and Iím shiny again. I might run to the Beaches Cruise In at Portland International Raceway later today if my owner doesnít get skitterish about the weather. Itís just rain! Iím not going to rust!

26 August 2006

We went out for a drive and ended up on a dirt road. I didn't sign up for that kind of treatment. I'm filthy! Black? More like gray now.

Hello? Do I have to have someone write 'WASH ME' on my windows or what?

9 August 2006

With the cooler weather outside the garage, I've felt a slight twinge of melancholy for a late summer car show. My owner is adamant about taking a breather from shows for a few years though. Still, isn't life about more than just looking pretty? How I long some days to rip into an unsuspecting autocross course to feel the hot asphalt under my tires and catch the smell of clutch in the air. My owner would be appalled. My owner says I wonít be Ďtrashedí like so many other cars before me. But no other car before me had my kind of power or handling.

*Sigh* Iíll just have to continue proving myself on our bi-monthly drives and keep dreaming.

2 August 2006

I'm enjoying a quiet, cool summer tucked away in the garage. My owner wiped me down last night for the first time in a month. The Zaino shine is still holding strong though I really wish I'd get washed sometime this year. The last time I saw a wash mit, soap and water was back in early December.

Overheard: I might go out this evening to a club meeting but my owner hasn't decided for certain yet. If I don't go out, I'll need to be started sometime early next week to keep my battery charged.

29 July 2006

Went out for a short drive to Rose's Cafe for dinner this evening. and found a primo parking spot up front where my owner could keep an eye on me. I still gets lots of looks even in today's 'SUVs RULE!' world. Must be my shiny-ness or maybe just because I'm not an SUV.

Overheard in the back of a grocery store parking lot: "Do people even buy cars anymore? And if so, why?"

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